The gallbladder is an organ located under the liver and its function is to concentrate the bile.

Reflux is a common condition that can present in many ways other than heartburn. We can solve your problem.

From colon cancer to benign conditions, we can help you and solve your problem.

Thyroid surgery is a delicate operation and we know how and when to do it. 

Anywhere from skin cancer to benign conditions we can do it.

Hernias come in different types and locations. We can handle all of them with the latest techniques.   

Vein disease can affect your lifestyle and it can be present without and external signs.

We provide 
IV access to administer chemotherapy or a y other long term IV treatment. 

Breast Surgery

Breast cancer or benign conditions, we are experts dealing with these along with a team to support us. 

Dr. Rafael Lugo is a very experienced general surgeon with many years of operating in the entire body. He will give you the best recommendation or perform the best operation available for the given condition. Please browse the list of a sample of the most common procedures we perform and the conditions we treat.