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Dr. Lugo is a general surgeon and one staple of general surgery is removing skin lesions and 
growths both benign and malignant.

Q: Which conditions Dr. Rafael A Lugo treats with skin surgery?

A: At Lugo surgical Group we perform skin surgery to remove, benign moles, warts, ingrown toenails, skin cancers, lipomas, and sebaceous cysts. Pretty much anything that needs to be removed in the skin we do. 

Q: What is a sebaceous cyst?

A: This is a cyst that forms under the skin after a hair follicle gets plugged up and the glands that make skin oil get plugged causing the fatty substance to get trapped under the skin and form a cyst. These can get infected and we remove them before infected to prevent a bigger problem.

Q: Can sebaceous cysts be malignant?

A: Although rare, the answer is yes.

Q: What is lipoma?

A: A lipoma is a benign fatty tumor. It is rarely malignant. We remove these when they are causing discomfort and/or getting larger.

Q: Can a lipoma be malignant?

A: This is also rare, but they can be. Usually, a lipoma is soft and mobile. When they are fixed and hard to touch we worry they could be malignant.

Q: What are the types of skin cancer?

A: There are many types of skin cancer but the three main ones are melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and basal cell carcinoma

Q: Which type of skin cancer is worse?

A: Any cancer is bad, but melanoma is the worse and harder to treat of the three. all cancers discovered early are usually cured. That is why it is important to detect them early by performing a total body exam with your doctor. 

Q: What is the main cause of skin cancer?

A: The main cause is sun exposure and sun damage. This is why it is recommended to protect your skin from excessive sun exposure. 

Q: What are the symptoms of skin cancer?

A: Usually the symptoms are none,  to subtle ones. Anything, from a nonhealing wound to a pimple-looking bump or a dark spot can be cancer. Monitoring your skin for any changes is the best way t detect the early signs. 

Come and let us scan your body and answer any questions

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