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Surgical Scissors


Surgical consultation

This is the initial visit where Dr Lugo will evaluate your needs and physical ailment and determine the need for surgery. A thorough discussion about your expectations and requirements will ensue. Here is where the doctor explains all the different treatment options and modalities. READ MORE

We repair all types of hernias through conventional or minimally invasive procedures and robotic surgery. Please contact us to design the treatment option that best meets your needs. READ MORE

The gallbladder is an organ that when gets sick, has to be removed. We know how to do that well and we are here to help. READ MORE

Reflux, heartburn or GERD are all the same thing and we can help you diagnose it and treat it medically or surgically eliminate it once and for all. We are here for you. READ MORE

The large intestine or colon has important functions and when it gets sick it can be serious. We have the expertise to deal with the most serious issues pertaining to this organ. READ MORE or Give us a call 

The breast has a broad range of issues that can affect it. We are prepared to deal with them by your side. Be it cancer or a benign condition we can help and we are here for you. READ MORE

The thyroid gland is the powerhouse of the body. We must assure that the gland is working in balance. IT can also develop conditions and tumors that require the attention of a surgeon. We have the solutions you are looking for. READ MORE

The skin is the largest organ in your body. IT needs to be maintained and protected. We are here to help you with that and also to remove any tumors, growths, or infectious processes that might affect it. READ MORE

The lower extremity venous system can go bad and be defective resulting in unsightly varicose veins and at times in much more serious situations. Don't let this go bad, and let us help you determine solutions to prevent future problems and treat existing issues.

Hemorrhoids are a common problem.  They can be a simple issue, but if left unattended they can turn into a really serious problem. Literally a pain in the butt. Don't wait and let us fix the problem early. READ MORE

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